Be it for fun or for a good cause, anyone that choose to run a 161km to achieve this is a little cuckoo in their head. Not cuckoo in a way that you need to be checked, but in a way that others look at you and think “maybe my life needs a little dope of whatever this Washer runners are on”.

Sham, not sure if you recall the conversation we had when we walked down the Lions Head, you shared your life experiences, mostly difficult, yet you spoke with so much passion and positivity that one might think you were born a son of a King of Zamunda. The way you manage to blend into diverse cultures and be a leader is admirable. Tu es l’inspiration.

Zanele aka Ma-Rise18, you took on a task to help raise awareness of a disease that even professionals are incapable of curing. I saw your video yesterday while you were “cry walking” and I laughed, shit was funny. It doesn’t not take a giant to make an impact. It takes unimaginable strength to continually endure, persist and overcome, and that is exactly what you had. The races has ended, but you have kept hope alive.

To Afrika, my vocab has no more words to describe you. You are just too much. Maybe the second Washie was you searching for your stolen BMW still.

Zuko, most doctors I know, have such a boring personality. You on the other hand, might be mistaken for a runaway patient at Weskoppies. Well done bosso.

Magubane, proof that a broken heart can lead you to live a positive fulfilling life. I’m gonna make a remix of a song “where do broken hearts go”. You my friend, are the answer to that question.

Fit Miyelani and Tlaki , you both are warriors. Strong and fearless women who knows no boundaries. You are life.

Well done Cats.