In the words of one of our lions, who also occasionally doubles as our lioness’ training partner, PBs were plunging at Kaapsehoop in Nelspruit over the weekend. The event was so epic that one could almost hear the queen of talk shouting “Everybody gets a PB!”. The same was the case for our lioness, when she checked under her chair, she got a PB! She finally achieved a marathon Sub4 finish. “It felt great knowing that what I thought was impossible was actually possible. Honestly I could have vosho’d at the finish! Mara heyi, my legs would not let me be great!”

Ladies, gentlemen, Cats, it is Wednesday and today we have every reason to crush on Boitumelo_Tumi_Molapisi #Sub4Finisher.

She was born and bred in the ever-vibrant South Western Township, exactly 31 years and 11 months ago. The year 2014 was a good year because she was not only gifted with a beautiful baby girl, but her hard work also saw her strutting her stuff on stage as she graduated with an MComm in Strategic Management qualification through the University of Johannesburg. She is currently servicing Shell South Africa and when the clock strikes “home-time” she retires to Northriding where the apple of her eye awaits with stars in her eyes.

Her running was a gradual journey. From 5kms around the block to signing up for 21km runs, all in the name of weightloss. Her racing journey was a leap borne of the much appreciated peer-pressure from family, friends, colleagues and now the RedSkippa family. After a lot of lobbying from everyone, in 2016 she ran her first full marathon at the Jacaranda Marathon race with a time of 04:59. The voices gained momentum and beckoned her to trial the dreaded Soweto Marathon. Much to her exaggerated displeasure but underlying “I can never know my full capability unless I try”, she signed up for the race and she glided past the finish line with a time of 04:59, again! “I guess two is a charm!”. This charm gave the voices more confidence because they went for the big one and lobbied her to line up for the 90km Ultimate Human Race. So in 2017, Tumi ran her first Comrades Marathon with a completion time of 10:55. It has been downhill from there. “The running bug owns me!” This year she went for her back-to-back medal and she did it so splendidly with a personal best time of 10:19. She has her eyes set on a Comrades GREEN number. “I am looking forward to running many more Comrades Marathons. The combination of the course, the diversity on the road and the euphoric mood on the route insists that I keep going back for more.” And this from a damsel who is not a historic runner, with her only stint at sport being hockey.

“Running has not only helped me lose and maintain weight, but it has also helped me live a healthier lifestyle. Through it I continue to push boundaries which I never thought are possible. It has taught me that through discipline and dedication there are no limits. Running is my escape, it retains my sanity and calm amidst the madness that life dishes out. Through running I have established solid friendships with people I wouldn’t have ordinarily met. I have gained a lot from my running journey to date.”

From a very young age, Tumi has displayed attributes of pushing the envelope. Distance was never an impediment when she commuted approximately 206 days yearly from Soweto to Sandown for a better education. Financial constraints could not be a crutch to lean on for her not being educated. When all else failed she braved the NSFAS queues and processes. When that ran dry she acquired a study loan to complete her tertiary education. All this to see to fruition her quest to embetter herself and create a different narrative for her offsprings. Shell bridged the gap with her MComm and this lioness aims to complete a PHD #InOurLifetime. “I love studying, education and learning new things.” she says. Social media is inundated with posts of the daunting, sleepless exam nights yet our lioness counts studying as a passion. Can anyone spell W E I R D O!

When she is not too busy ba(u)ssing, PB slaying or being an utter nerd, our crush blows the well-deserved budget on stamp collecting and fine dining.

Mother, Intellect, Runner – and not loose with the term, #Sub4Finisher, Girlie-Girl and our #WCW, Boitumelo_Tumi_Molapisi

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