Every girl is a princess but the affirmation holds more clout when the ordaining is done by her father. It not only shapes the queen that she grows up to be but it makes her wear her crown with pride. From a very young age, this damsel was locked to her father’s hip, they were inseparable. Theirs was a mutually gratifying relationship. The best display of a father and daughter duo. They found the perfect balance between raiding shopping centres and reviewing Monday Night Soccer Zone. “My dad taught me a lot. He took me from mirror-blindspot to my personification of Schumacher. He clarified the difference between handball and hand-to-ball. At the time when “die man kaap die hout” he instilled in me ‘die taal’ and the consistent A’s bore testament to his art of the language.” Death became proud because in 2014 he lost a fight to a long standing ailment, but his legacy lives on in our lioness and his beloved daughter.

Ladies, Gents and Cats, it is Wednesday and today we are crushing on Keitumetse_K42_Monaheng.

She is a Tswana lass whose roots stem from the Bahwaduba clan in the monarchy of King Mathibe in Mathibestad. She was born on 4 May 1987, in the small village of Tlooane in Hammanksraal. In 2008, she graduated with a National Diploma in Computer Systems Engineering through the University of Johannesburg. She is currently expanding her horizon with a Business IT Management Degree through the same institution. She services Assupol as a Quality Assurance Specialist, IT Development and currently resides in Midrand.

Growing up she was a chubby child but it was during the months leading to her father’s passing that the weight became excessive. “I missed, and still miss him so much”. To deal with the loss and the rapid ballooning, she joined the gym. It was there that she met Makwela, Mikea and Marumo. The musketeers purged her into joining the #RedSkippa❤ and this turned out to be one of her greatest resolves. Running became an effective and cost effective weight loss remedy. Her running journey started with toddler steps but it was at her first race in the #RedSkippa❤that the running bug bit her. “My friend, Mikea, was doing his first ultra. He was so excited when he crossed the finish line that immediately he vouched to return the following year. Bearing witness to that, made me want to experience it too!” She later went on to run her personal best time and distance at Kaapsehoop Marathon, where she finished the 42kms in 5:37. The marathon she is actively flirting with is the Om Die Dam 50km marathon and she aims to attempt it in the ensuing year. “Though I do not have commendable running milestones, running has introduced me to the person I am becoming and it has also introduced me to awesome people I would love to keep for life.”

Keitumetse is the replica of her late father, who was loving, compassionate, giving and passionate about education. “I am fervent about higher education access. I believe that everyone deserves atleast one shot to further their studies and hopefully effect their backgrounds positively. Sadly, higher education in South Africa currently is not a right but rather a priviledge.” Her plight is to take information back home to alleviate education lack on the basis of ignorance while untapping limitless possibilities. “I had my first stint at this project a few years ago with one matriculant but I did not get it right the first time. My mistake was getting involved at a late stage of the student’s life. We tried to do too much in a short space of time. We tried to get space at various institutions and get funding concurrently. Epic fail! But I will do better next time.”

When she is not chasing the air, she enjoys a good game of soccer, with her chums squashed on one couch, a good meal bubbling and a chilled beverage in hand.

Ladies, Gents and Cats queue Luther Vandross’ Dance with my Father while you celebrate the loving, compassionate and giving Daddy’s Girl and our #WCW Keitumetse_K42_Monaheng