An Aries, born on 09 April 1985. True to ram nature, she is a trailblazer, a ball of energy and a passionate individual who believes in #CreatingHerOwnHappiness. She is a Motswana maiden, Mohurutshe wa Batshweneng ba ga Manyane, whose cord fell in the small village of Madibogo, 92kms outside Mahikeng in the North West Province.

Bazalwane, it is Wednesday and today we are crushing on Kelebogile ”Sdups” Sedupane.

The ink had not dried on her matric paper, in 2002, when she was seconded to the SANDF, under South African Military Health Services (SAMHS). Though she was recruited for the gruelling basic military training the process untapped and honed her administration skills. Bruised and battered, yet wiser, she was commissioned to the SAMHS Kimberly administration office. When that contract ended she was dispatched to the Port Elizabeth military administration office. That contract could not retain her too and so in 2005, with her tail between her legs, she went back home to regroup. Her aspirations were to study further but the financial climate dictated otherwise. She was then forced to go into the job market and there she found a ‘scripted pitch over the Alexander Graham Bell device’ job with one of the leading telecommunication companies.

A few years in, again life sent her back home. This time with a bun in the oven and the chess board showing no sign of a probable next move. She stayed the course and it was when she met Keamogetse Bokamoso, which denotes I have accepted my future, that she pursued a purpose bigger than her own.

Pregnancy brought what she calls “the pregnancy frog belly” but with the belly came a redefined purpose for her future. Her work ethic and lifestyle never remained the same.

With her bundle of joy in hand and mind, she revisited the job market and she found employment with Implex in 2009. To satisfy her long standing aspiration, she saved up money to fund her studies and she acquired a National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting as well as a National Diploma in Business Management through Damelin College. The two propelled her to her current role as Office Manager and Bookkeeper within her organization.

The baby also brought with it some flab. In 2015 the scale greeted her with unfortunate news that she was 99kgs heavy. She was neither happy with how she felt nor how she looked and so she decided to change her status quo. She started training on her own. Her training encompassed lots of running and YouTube strength training. “I never had a personal trainer. YouTube can be fully credited for my sexy new body.” Her weight loss was gradual at first but it changed gears when she started running races. The weight loss then became rapid. One of the races that keeps her running is the #WingsforLife. “I live by their mantra, which says ‘when you have an able body, please do appreciate and run on behalf of those with a willing heart but an unable body.’ My weight loss has enabled me to inspire other women’s running journeys.”

As a single mother one of her major challenges in running is affording a babysitter but in response to that she has structured her training activities to correlate with those of the apple of her eyes. “I decided to run around a park, so that when I run she can play. My daughter has also taken to and marvels at gymnastics and so while she does gymnastics, I do strength training. We both win”. This determination to not be limited by her circumstances has bred her back-to-back Comrades Marathon medal in 2018, donned in the #RedSkippa❤️ and left her over 25kgs lighter. She will further dip into the same determination as she continues with her #CropTopMission which she hopes will concurrently give birth to her Comrades Marathon Sub 10 finish.

When she occasionally puts her running boots away, she locks eyes with her daughter. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, enjoys a cold slow brew, in moderation, and has fallen in love with the camera.

A living testament that if you put the work in, you will get result. An active and amazing mother. An inspirational runner. LOUD, BOLD, BOISTEROUS and totally in your face. Our #WCW Kelebogile_Sdups_Sedupane.

E reng Amen Bazalwane!!!