Through the different transitions and different ExCo’s we have seen the total commitment, vigour, love and passion of our members – who are the bedrock of this club – come to the fore in building the best running club in the world….

Dear Cats.

The year 2020 will go down in the history books as the year of the new normal. The Covid-19 brought to a halt what promised to be yet another successful year for our young club.
The emergence of Covid-19 forced the entire world to a standstill with major running events either being cancelled or postponed. The club’s planned activities also came to an abrupt stop.
But as Winston Churchill once remarked “never waste a good crisis”. The shutdown bought ExCo and the club some valuable time to hit the pause button, take stock and evaluate where we come from, where we are and what we envision for the future of the club. After taking office at the beginning of the year, it became very clear to ExCo that the club has experienced tremendous growth from its humble beginning under the Chairmanship of Teka through to Mikea, Bongani and Refiloe in the subsequent years.

Through different transitions and ExCos, we have seen the commitment, vigour, love and passion of our members – who are the bedrock of this club – come to the fore in building the best running club in the world.

The growth of the club resulted in over 450 members in good standing in 2020, representation in 4 provinces and 14 fully functional regions. While this is a great testament of our exciting journey, it also presented the club’s ExCo with unique challenges such as “how to service all members efficiently, effectively and professionally
at all times”?

It became clear that the 8 members of ExCo cannot fulfil the mandate on their own. Therefore, formalization of the club’s structures, formalizing internal processes and building synergies between the various portfolios and subcommittees became imperative.

As the Chairman of the club, I could not be more pleased with the amount of work and progress that has been achieved behind the scenes towards oiling our internal machinery. The various portfolios under the leadership of our ExCo members have used the lockdown time effectively to breathe life into our strategy.

Some of our major wins, from the different portfolios, in the first half of the year include:

  • The major cost saving intervention by the IT subcommittee in the management, development and hosting of our website.
  • The financial planning and analysis of our budgets and expenses across CSI, RACE and the
    main club’s finances by our Treasury subcommittee.
  • The realignment of our regions and training programs across all levels of our runners by the
    technical subcommittee.
  • The race committee with the planning and continued marketing of our Fat Cats 10k race.
  • The exciting and imminent news from marketing with regards to FCAC unique apparel and the recently completed DNA project.
  • The finalization of our internal policies and structural documents which are soon to be rolled out by our legal and compliance subcommittee.
  • The work carried out by our logistics subcommitee, who have taken the mantle of being the custodians of our assets, responsible for auditing the club’s assets as well as finding a permanent and safe place for them.
  • The CSI work which is an important part of our DNA.
  • The media subcommittee which carries the task of bringing to life all the different and unique work by the different subcommittees.

This is truly a year of renewal for the club. I am excited by all the developments and hard work being carried out behind the scenes which will serve as a foundation upon which the future and continued success of this club is dependent on.

To all the Cats serving behind the scenes, the unsung heroes who toil in the underbelly of this club without the usual pomp and applause from the public, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Continue the good work and build the brand which will outlive us all.