Very few things in life feel as good as starting something new. It feels even better to see something you have started growing in leaps and bounds. It is that growth that we were looking forward to in the year 2020. With lessons learnt from our inaugural race in 2019, we were excited to give you an even better edition of the FCAC 10K Race.

As things turned out, the universe had different plans for all of humanity. The running world was also not spared. Big plans had to be shelved and deferred to a time unknown. A community whose sanity was always questionable was suddenly on the brink of a darker abyss – depression.

Thanks to advances in technology, the words “virtual race” have now become the opium of the running masses. This advancement also came as the saving grace that has allowed us to claim one more from our nine lives. We are thrilled that on Sunday 11th October, you were able to celebrate the joy of Spring with us at the FCAC Virtual 10K Race.

Who knows, this virtual participation in events may remain, long after the pandemic is gone. Runners have observed that they get to make their route as tough as they want, or easy-peasy if that’s your cup of tea. The biggest bonus though, for many a runner who is not an early riser, is that you can run at your own time. So long as it happens within the prescribed date.

For organisers, the benefits include the ability to accommodate much more participants, in the absence of the limitations that come with physical logistics. On race day, a person in Mqanduli was participating in the same race as someone in Lehurutshe. How marvellous! Constraints such as location, time and cost dissolved away in a rapidly boiling pot of virtual magic.

It does not take long then to realise that this is no situation to be gloomy about at all. It was exciting to see which of the various corners of the world participants came from on race day. It is an opportunity for club brands to redefine themselves and reach further than they have before. Real growth! Not only through conventional means, but also from the new normal.