True strength is built in adversity, through facing challenges head on and coming out on the other side, stronger.

This is exactly what our #WCW lioness did.

She fought her way out of depression, regrouped and is on her way to conquering her running and fitness goals.

We introduce to you Zuzeka Tyakume, a happily married mother of four, who has rediscovered her running mojo after falling off the tracks a couple of times. The very woman that ‘broke the internet’ by being front and center at the starting line of Century City Race this past weekend.

This Ugie-born lioness, did her primary school in the Eastern Cape before moving to Cape Town where she completed her high school at Guguletu High.

Upon completing her tertiary studies at Pentech, now CPUT, she landed a job at the City of Cape Town.

Like most people, she struggled with weight issues and found solace in running. It wasn’t long before she joined a running club and went on to run her first marathon, Winelands Marathon, in just under six hours.

Not to be deterred by her finishing time, she soldiered on and conquered the Peninsula Marathon in six hours as well.

Unfortunately her running streak was cut short when she was diagnosed with depression which made her lose interest and motivation to run, let alone exercise.

“During that period, all I wanted was to just sleep. I lost interest in everything,” she recalls.

Being the lioness that she is, she put up a good fight to wangle herself out of depression.

“It has been a trying journey and it took a lot out of me both emotionally and physically. I really had to dig deep for strength in order to find healing. Although I’m not completely out of the woods yet, I have been enjoying my time on the tar.”

She continues to say, “Joining the 4am #TeamDynamics training group has served as great therapy and motivation. It feels like they are God-sent because although I’m naturally not a morning person, I find myself looking forward to the training runs.”

Zuzeka is one of the athletes who found a new home in Fat Cats Athletic Club for the 2020 running season.

This past weekend she ran her first race in the #redskippa and she could not be more proud to have finished her first post-depression race.

“My husband registered the Century City Race for me. I was not too keen as I felt I was not ready for a race but I eventually agreed to do a 10K. Little did I know how the race would reignite my passion for running. The beautiful scenery and ofcourse, the ‘photoshoot’ courtesy of photographers along the route made trotting to the finishline enjoyable” she giggles.

Today we crush on you lioness, a woman who beyond challenges and limitations knows how to take up space and own her throne

Zuzeka, you are an inspiration! May your healing continue on an upward trajectory and may your story serve as therapy for the masses that find themselves entangled by this silent killer.

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