About us

Our Great Story

Fat Cats Athletic Club (Fat Cats AC) was established in June 2014 as an extension of the Fat Cats organisation’s sports offering, which was originally launched with the Fat Cats Football Club in 2003.

The Club is registered with the Central Gauteng Athletics Association (GCA).

We are a virtual club with runners from all over the country, creating a home for running enthusiasts irrespective of their location.

The club is anchored by a strong thread of friendship and family. For more than 10 years, the Fats Cats family has brought together people from different backgrounds and professional disciplines over a game of sport.


Fat Cats AC has achieved a lot in a short space of time. Some of our achievements include having 18 members participating in and completing the 2016 Comrades Marathon to 162 athletes participating in the 2019 edition. This is a great achievement and quiet a leap from the 6 members who initially took a stinct at The Ultimate Human Race in the 2015 edition, which was the first Comrades Marathon that Fat Cats AC registered itself in, as a club.

Other achievements include our growing presence in the big races such as Washie 100 Miler, Addo and Sanistangger to name a few.

To date Fat Cats AC is home to approximately 500 runners, with more than 200 of our members being female.

Our success stories include:

  • Our growing presence in the Comrades marathon
  • Corporate Social Initiatives
  • Extension of our training offering to trail running
  • Inclusion of our little ones through Fat Kittens
  • And obviously, our proudest accomplishment, the launch of our Fat Cats 10km race in 2019

DNA is a fundamental and distinctive characteristic or qualities of an entity. DNA is a culture, values and persona of an organisation, what makes it “unique”.

This is our DNA

  • Tshwaragano
  • Passion
  • Family
  • Botho
  • Selflessness

To our Family

To ensure that every member of the Fat Cats AC family embodies the brand values and gets involved in all club initiatives.

To our friends and extended family

Humanity and service are our focal points, and through our initiatives we intend to bring change to our communities.

Our vibrant culture has positioned us as the most distinctive and vibrant club in the running community.

This has been made possible by the pride we take in wearing our club colours and partaking in various club activities and marketing initiatives.

These initiatives have been mostly driven and funded by our members through their membership fees and active participation.

We are famously known as the #RedSkippa army and some of our members have represented us at various international races from Maseru and Gaborone to Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Rome, New York, Dubai to name a few.

Various television and radio appearances by our members through our 2017 #Lioness campaign has greatly benefited the club in its drive to grow our female athletes and getting them to compete in the Comrades Marathon.

This is why we are FAT CATS and WE RUN THESE STREETS…

Ploughing back to previously disadvantaged communities is something close to our hearts.

Through various initiatives, like chasing times at races, internal challenges, selling merchandise and requesting donations from likeminded entities, Fat Cats AC has, over the years, been able to achieve this objective.

In 2016, two of our members raised R16 000 through their running of the Comrades Marathon. These funds were used to buy school uniforms for 25 underprivileged children in Thomo Village, a community they stem from. The following year, the Executive Committee threw its weight behind this initiative and launched the “Cats Care” initiative, with a set target to raise over R100 000. In the end, the initiative raised over R170 000.

The year 2017 also saw drives that included donating sanitary towels for young girls who are often forced to stay home and miss school for more than a week per month, during their menstrual cycle. Property acquisition group, Attacq Foundation became a key donor, responsible for more than half of what was raised.

In 2018/19 the Cats Care campaign gained momentum and launched the #CatsCare444 where we targeted to make meaningful donations to 400 learners, across 4 schools in 4 provinces and an amount of R400 000. Our efforts hit over R300 000 mark by the end of the 2019.

The year 2020 presented a different challenge for the club and the world, with COVID-19 affecting schooling as well as finances for both our members and donors alike. This meant that uniforms now fell down our priority list. Being in tune with what has been happening around the country, we then decided to start a COVID-19 Relief Fund by hosting a virtual quiz nights, which raised R29 000 by May 2020. The funds were used to feed impoverished families in various townships and villages where we have a foot print.

Building on this momentum, and in true Fat Cats spirit, we have now graduated to hosting our second race which is also our first ever virtual race in honour of more families whose lives we are hoping to impact positively. For the 2020 Fat Cats 10k Virtual race, the club decided to forego profits and rather use the race as a vehicle to raise funds for impoverished communities. The race raised well over R40 000.00 and the funds were spent on #COVID19 care packs that included masks, sanitisers, and food vouchers for those learners whom we’ve continued to support over the years.

Fat Cats AC has been very fortunate to have the support of the running community and our various stakeholders since the inception of the club. Thank you for your unwavering support.

Meet Our EXCO Team

Voted in by our proud members, our EXCO is highly devoted to the operations of the club in making sure that it serves members to the best of its abilities

Vongani Mashile
Vongani Mashile
Vice Chairperson
Secretary General
Lead: Limpopo & Compliance
Lead: Western Cape & Technical
Lead: IT & Logistics
Lead: Optimisation & Culture