Through the different transitions and different ExCo’s we have seen the total commitment, vigour, love and passion of our members – who are the bedrock of this club – come to the fore in building the best running club in the world….

Dear Cats.

The year 2020 will go down in the history books as the year of the new normal. The Covid-19 brought to a halt what promised to be yet another successful year for our young club.
The emergence of Covid-19 forced the entire world to a standstill with major running events either being cancelled or postponed. The club’s planned activities also came to an abrupt stop.
But as Winston Churchill once remarked “never waste a good crisis”. The shutdown bought ExCo and the club some valuable time to hit the pause button, take stock and evaluate where we come from, where we are and what we envision for the future of the club. After taking office at the beginning of the year, it became very clear to ExCo that the club has experienced tremendous growth from its humble beginning under the Chairmanship of Teka through to Mikea, Bongani and Refiloe in the subsequent years. Read More