The journey to success is hardly ever paved with rose petals. It is a route infested with pseudo uppercuts that demand of you a combination of blocking, covering up, jabs and pull backs. Where your jabs are launched, ensuring that they sting. And with your pullback, ensuring that you float airy enough to duck punches and have a good enough view to orchestrate your comeback. The trick though is to ensure that you are never counted out, nor do you ever throw in the towel. Preparation, strength, courage, resilience and a deep sense of self-awareness are the order of the day. And such is the case with our lioness. While she was wobbling towards her final board papers, life dished her so many blows that she nearly packed up and called it a day. But her little child quickly reminded her of who she is, a fighter! Never a quitter! And with that and the backing of her family and mentor, as with running, she put one foot in front of the other and soldiered on. She did better than mere catapulting on, she marvelled ever after…

Ladies, gents and Cats, it is yet another Wednesday and today we are crushing on Lebogang_Lebza_Morare.

She took her first independent breath on the 24th April 1987. She was born and bred to nurses in Springs, a township on the eastern end of Johannesburg. She is a bean counter who in 2015 was certified a Chartered Accountant. She is currently servicing Standard Bank as a Data Governance: Assurance Manager.

On the back of blow after blow, she laces up and… no! Hers was never a philosophical nor philanthropical account of events that led to her running, until now. She was simply a long distance runner growing up and took up the hobby in her adult life for social and healthy living reasons. Her sole running inkling, was to line up for the Comrades Marathon in her thirties. Lining up was to be for no other reason than, in the words of Drake, “just wanted to say I effing did it!”. After years of putting it off, she finally pinned 2019 as the year to pull the trigger. And so, like any other journey, the road to Comrades Marathon 2019, had to begin with a single step… The first and oh! so important step was to amour herself with the #RedSkippa. The subsequent step, the horror that was her first Pick n’ Pay Marathon, hurled her system into shock mode. That 21kms nearly cut her running journey short and almost launched her phattest cat campaign. But like the Taurus that she is, she locked horns with her demons and stayed on course and after running the Irene Marathon she knew she was back on track.

A few months back in training, she was lobbied to line up for the infamous Soweto Marathon. And so, she signed up for it.

Early Sunday morning of the 16th September, she woke up as though someone was forcing her. Her phone rang and the voice on the other end, as if in distorted slow voice, announced news that her brain is yet to fathom. An accident had claimed the life of her cousin Kgomotso. “Our family is close. My cousins and I are tight, but what made Kgomotso so dear to me was his demeanor to live in the moment.” He lived his life to the fullest which inspired our Lioness. “This disorientated me. It made me question my faith but when I was done questioning, I re-evaluated my life. Upon reflection, I decided to turn the pain that nearly broke me into the fire that will propel me past the Ultimate Human Race finish line”

Now, it was a little under two months later. Yet another early Sunday morning, this time of the 04th November and Lebza was at the starting line of the Soweto Marathon #roadtocomrades2019. This time she was not running her traditional 21kms, instead she was running 42kms. Her first full marathon. “I could not think of anything better than to commemorate my cousin’s life with my first marathon.” With the love, support and constant reminder of her “WHY” by her family and friends she successfully completed her first marathon. “I never thought I was capable of finishing a marathon within 5 hours. But I did it. And for all my races in the ensuing year, and as I will be lining up for Comrades Marathon 2019, I will be continuing with my refined purpose for running. What my cousin stood for: “Uniting people and untapping the good in them”

She attributes her “never say die” attitude to both the life altering events she has gone through and running. “I now fully comprehend the importance of taking care of number one, me, first. I am also focused on what I want to achieve in order for me to leave a legacy for the generations to come.” Part of the legacy she wants to leave behind is to inspire others to be the best they can be. “I love inspiring people to live their purpose. That is my purpose”. She is part of the ABASA Leadership Programme which develops young black trainees who aspire to be chartered accountants. In addition to that the programme also coordinates and hosts seminars that equip young or old entrepreneurs in different aspects. The seminars range anything from small enterprise seminars, to farming and residential leasing of property.

She is a runner, a swimmer, a family oriented soul and to a handful she is a ‘bestie’.

“…I am a minority. I am a young, black, beautiful, female charted accountant of South Africa.” and your #WCW Lebogang_Lebza_Morare